Do You Really Have Time For Writing A Newsletter?

The term ‘email marketing’ is spreading like wildfire in the digital marketing world. Email gives you more guarantees that each and every one of your subscribers receives your message, unlike social media where you aren’t sure who it will reach. Regular newsletters are a low-cost marketing tool and if done right, your newsletter can actually earn you a passive income.

But writing a newsletter takes time and energy. What will you say, how will you put it all together, will it ever get done? Wouldn’t you rather focus on the things you do best? That is why you should consider outsourcing your email marketing.

Here is why…

Would You Rather Be Writing A Newsletter Or...

Or… just about anything else right? But newsletters are such a valuable marketing tool that you can’t afford to skip them.

Sending a regular newsletter is a great way to keep your business in front of your customers and is a cost-effective tool for promoting new products, services and articles – all of which drive traffic to your website.

One of the most common mistakes New Zealand business owners make is to rely solely on social media to communicate with their clients. The problem with social media is that you don’t own the data, so if your chosen platform closed tomorrow, you have lost all your followers with no way to reach them. This is where focusing on building a quality database is important.

Maybe Outsource The Task?

A lot of business owners we work with have recognised they needed to outsource their newsletters. Not having to worry about writing a newsletter means you can focus on more important work and still ensure your newsletters are sent regularly. Our VA's work closely with you to ensure the content is well written and the newsletter layout focuses on your main goal (which usually is to increase sales).

Below are my top 5 reasons why outsourcing the job of writing a newsletter is a smart move.

1: You Are Not Sure What To Write

Is one of your barriers to sending your newsletter is because you don’t know what to write or what to include? Then we can help you with this.  We are full of great ideas and how to execute them. We’ll work with you to put together a content calendar which plans all of your newsletter content in advance. Then, our in-house copywriter will write the content for you, and our marketing team will make it look great, so all you need to do is approve the draft!

2: You Keep Forgetting To Send Your Newsletter

Often when you are busy running your business and juggling other commitments, you struggle to find the time to put together and send out a regular newsletter. Outsourcing means you literally set and forget your newsletters. It’s our job to put the newsletter together and send it out on your behalf. We’ll even do a campaign report to ensure your newsletters are performing well.

3: You Want To Build A Community Outside Of Social Media

Social media sucks up a lot of time.  So it is really scary to think that all those hours you have put into your page, and building your likers and followers could all be wasted. If you lost your page or group tomorrow, then you will have lost your community with it. Focusing on getting your social media community onto your email database means you will be able to stay in regular contact with them outside of social media. We’ll work with you to put a strategy in place to grow your list.

4: You Need To Increase Your Sales

If you are looking for ways to increase your sales, your newsletter needs to be an important part of your online customer service. MailChimp offers easy integration with most website platforms allowing you to reach your customers and increase your sales. We’ll work with you to create automations based on cart activity and much more.

5: You Want To Position Yourself As An Industry Leader

Do you regularly publish content on your website or write guest articles? We’ll work with you to turn that content into an email series where you can share valuable information with your database.

Your newsletter is a core part of your content marketing strategy, working in conjunction with social media, content writing (whether that is blogs or articles) and even your PR campaigns.

Writing a newsletter is a great do-it-yourself marketing activity, but it can be time-consuming. If you identified with one or more of the above reasons, then contact the team from InDeed We Can to learn how we can help you get your email marketing sorted.

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