Why Professional Graphic Design Should Be Your Top Priority

Graphic design plays a big part in your business and is often overlooked by business owners seeking alternative ways to achieving a great logo and cohesive marketing images. Good design isn't enough, colour has a huge impact on your overall branding. Helen from One Bite Graphic Design outlines 4 reasons why you need to prioritise and outsource graphic design to ensure you create an effective business brand image.

It’s a new year and you want your business to start off with a bang!

You’ve created a business plan, identified which products and services you’re going to sell this year, organised your blogs, worked out your social media posts and are ready for a fresh new start, right? Wrong. You’ve forgotten to revisit one of the most important aspects of your business, which is your brand.

Your Brand Needs Professional Graphic Design Work

Your brand is your face to the world. It is what people use to decide whether to purchase your products or services. It is a way of creating customer loyalty and growing the instant recognition of your brand.

As your brand contains a lot of visual information, it is important that it looks fantastic

That means creating a DIY logo, Facebook cover, social media template or website banner is not a good decision. Unless you have a background in graphic design, you are unlikely to understand about colour matching, pixel sizes, fonts and using images correctly. Sure, if you create your graphics yourself you will initially save money, but have you considered the big picture? A poorly designed brand or business image results in fewer customers, which means less income in the long run.Check out some of these One Bite Graphic Design designs - you can see how strong her brand is. Same fonts and colours and style yet different products and images. They are all easily recognised as One Bite Graphic Design.

One Bite Graphic Design

4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Prioritise and Outsource Graphic Design

Outsourcing your design work to a graphic designer is a smart move. Not only can they create from scratch a unique and attractive brand image, but they are also experienced at refreshing old ones too. Here are our top four reasons why you should hire a graphic designer like Helen:

  1. Your business will look professional. First impressions do matter and having sharp, well thought out and presented graphic design work gives credibility to your brand.
  2. Your brand tells a story. A graphic designer will be able to portray in images instantly what it would take many words to describe.
  3. Great design gets more sales. If your business graphics have been professionally designed, you are more likely to attract new clients or customers.
  4. Outsourcing saves you both money and time. Hiring a graphic designer lets you concentrate on the work that you do best. It lets you earn more money than it would cost to have hired the designer in the first place. By getting it right the first time, you avoid wasting time and rebranding or redesigning something that could already have been making you money.

Now is the time to act and create your brand image or revitalise your existing one. Look through One Bite Graphic Design's design portfolio to see some of the work Helen has done to create amazing looking brand images.

Send Helen an email or myself an email and let’s arrange a time to chat about how we can help improve your business this year!

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