Leave Data Entry to the Specialists

Data entry specialists Data entry specialists are like doctors in a way. They have learnt specific skills, aim to get things right every time and concentrate on the fine details. While it’s true that there are no instant fatalities if they enter data incorrectly, you will find that most professional data entry specialists like myself, pride themselves on achieving 100% accuracy all the time.

While paper trails are decreasing in our growing world of technology based business, there still remains some information more easily collected on paper. For instance, forms and questionnaires are often completed by hand when visiting a hospital or shop. An administrative assistant then needs to manually enter this into the computer at a later time.

Why Data Entry is Best Left to Data Entry Specialists

Data entry involves the entering of information into a computer, usually into a spreadsheet, website or online software. A high degree of accuracy, especially with numbers, is required because the data is often used to create reports from which decisions are made. Entering the correct spelling, grammar and punctuation details is essential with text too, as your clients will develop impressions about your business from it.

Outsourcing the entering of your data is a smart move because a specialist in this area has:

  • An eye for detail – ensuring 100% accuracy
  • Great time management skills – speed is crucial, as is managing time per task
  • Experience in deciphering poor handwriting – avoiding unwanted errors
  • Computer skills – able to use a wide range of programs and software confidently, as well as being able to transfer data from one device to another
  • Excellent typing skills – accurate and quick
  • Report generation and analysis – create reports for clients from the client’s data
  • Ability to focus and concentrate – keeping their full attention on their work, avoiding errors
  • Ability to undertake repetitive tasks without becoming distracted

Another great advantage of outsourcing to a specialist to enter your information or data is that they really enjoy their work, which saves you money.

How? Because they motivated to work faster, completing the job quicker than you or a reluctant employee, which means they spend less time doing your job and bill you less!

Our VA's have the skills, knowledge and experience in both using, analysing and entering data into Word, Excel and Google Documents. Outsource your data entry to InDeed We Can and take away all the stress of having to enter every bit of information.  Contact me today to discuss how how you can outsource to a VA.

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