What our clients say about us

What our clients say about us

My biggest fear was that you would shy away from the task, not be effective, take more of my time to explain and follow up.  None of these came true – you grasped the task with both hands, took ownership of it, tackled it head on and were VERY effective. You have taken a task that was spiralling out of control and turned it into one that is much more manageable.

Julie East, Calculated Advantage

InDeed We Can Virtual Assistant is a valuable part of my team at Flourish Outsourcing. Louise is professional, highly capable and prompt in delivery of completed tasks. If you have been thinking about outsourcing elements of your business, I can highly recommend working with Louise.

Kiely Buttell, Flourish Outsourcing

Louise has saved my sanity by sending out my business newsletter each month. Unable to find the time or patience to sort it myself, I outsource it to her and she does a marvellous job. Louise provides handy reminders of when I need to get content to her and a draft of the newsletter to check well before it is due to be sent out. Without her help, my clients would rarely hear from me.

InDeed We Can is one of the most professional and reliable service providers I’ve ever used. I totally recommend them!

Jackie Procter, Jackie Procter Copywriter

Louise has been a life saver helping me take my business to the next level. I have struggled for years to find the time to put into the admin and website part of my business which has meant it hasn't grown as much as I wanted. I decided to get Louise to help out a few hours a week doing all the website stuff I just haven't got the time to do. She is very efficient and quick and has a great grasp on my business and products. I always thought it wasn't in my budget but Louise has very affordable rates and it has freed up more of my time to concentrate on producing our products. For anyone considering hiring a virtual assistant I highly recommend it.

Keela McBride, Essence of Light

It has been great working with Louise remotely, communication is quick and easy via email. I would highly recommend Louise. She has been easy to deal with, she replies promptly to emails and has taken on my comments and suggestions in regards to the direction I want my Facebook posts to go.

Kylie Matthews, Kai Carrier

I love being a do-it-yourself kind of chick. I love creating anything from scratch, reading up and doing it. Websites looked nice and easy, to say the least. Brought a template, downloaded WordPress and extra keen to upload – I was on my way – so I thought… Then everything turned to mush… Five simple steps turned into 500 steps, endless questions, choice words and I’m sure I was loosing my hair.  So I went back to basics to get some inspiration and the best place I enjoyed and loved following is Louise at the Baby Business Connection, now called Achievement Group, (where I am a member). What an inspiration!!! Louise came to my rescue and answered my prayers.  Louise was calm, collective, patient and very understanding on what was happening with my WordPress website and even re-established my website for me.  Thank you!!! Now I am finally on my way. I am truly grateful for what Louise has done for me.  I highly recommend any of Louise’s lovely services.  She is totally amazing and we’ll worth her weight in gold!


While struggling to implement a new email system Louise was a HUGE help. I found Louise helpful, professional, and happy to answer all my silly questions. She knew what she was talking about and put it in common, easy to understand language for someone who is not so tech savvy. Highly recommend!

Rose, Tupperware Demonstrator

Louise has reduced the overwhelm and time poor feelings I had. She is fantastic at reading my mind as I often don’t explain in great detail due to my lack of technical knowledge. It has given me the ability to work more ON my business and do less of the daily admin that would take me twice the time.

Donna Jones, the design option

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