Best Free and Paid Invoicing Options

Pretty woman sitting at desk and typing on laptop with diagrams and graphs comming outBusinesses love to send invoices. It’s how we tell our customers and clients how much they owe us so we can get paid. While some small NZ businesses may not ever need to send an invoice or only send a few per year, others of us send dozens or even hundreds per year. Finding the money for invoicing software can be challenging on your budget, but sometimes it is worth the extra expense to get an invoicing software which offers you all the features you need. Looking for someone to take care of your invoicing? We can help - enquire about our invoicing services.

Best Invoicing Options for New Zealand Small Businesses:

Free Invoicing Software

If you have a start-up business or one which does not have a large enough income, using free invoicing software is incredibly helpful. Some of the free options available for NZ businesses are:

  • Invoice Fox – offering a free option for up to 30 invoices per month, with up to 30 products, Invoice Fox lets you send invoices via email, with your logo on them and in a PDF or ODT format. For $9 per month, you can upgrade to 500 invoices and 500 products or services.
  • Wave – Wave is an online invoicing software which lets you send out as many invoices with as many different products as you like for free. To make their money, they charge a percentage if your clients or customers pay via credit card directly from the invoice you send. They also have a heap of other products including accounting and payroll services to help you too.
  • PayPal – nearly everyone has a PayPal account, but did you know you can also use it to send invoices for free? Of course, they collect their money by taking a percentage when your customer pays you, but because it is a highly trusted and well-known payment method, customers are confident using it.

Paid Invoicing Software

For businesses with larger invoicing needs and a bigger cash flow, there are plenty of wonderful paid invoice software options you can subscribe to.

  • Xero – one of the most popular online cloud based accounting software in the world, Xero offers invoicing features as an additional product to its general bookkeeping feature.
  • MYOB – MYOB is also one of the most well-known and used bookkeeping software. It differs from Xero in that you have to have the product installed on your PC and then the data itself is stored in the cloud.
  • FreshBooks – another popular paid business invoicing software, FreshBooks lets you invoice clients or customers, track your expenses, share files with your team members and accept credit card payments.

Of course, invoicing clients and chasing up unpaid debts takes plenty of time. That’s why we offer invoicing services as part of our virtual assistant services here at InDeed We Can.

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