How to add background images in MailChimp

how to add background images to MailChimpMailChimp has given their users the ability to add background images to their basic templates. If you are wanting to add visual interest to your campaigns, using background images is a great way to achieve this.

Use this new feature to create a hero section in your next email. If you are confused about what a hero section is and how to create one, read on…

What is a hero section?

A hero section is a design technique that uses images, short punchy copy and a call to action to make your content stand out, and grab your readers’ attention.

To create your hero section, you first need an image.

The image you choose should fit in with your brand and your content. I recommend avoiding any images that are busy, such as a pattern. Busy patterns are hard to view on the screen, and people tend to scroll past without stopping to look.

If you want the image to span the entire background of your email, then use a high resolution image. If you want the image inside the body of your email, use an image that is at least 640 pixels wide.

Tip: Choose a background colour as a fall-back for your hero section. This colour will display when images are turned off or don’t render.

Keep your content and call to action short and sweet. You want to avoid the text taking over the whole image, so leave space around the text. Use a text colour that allows the text to stand out rather than blend in. For example, if your background image is dark, using a light text colour will help your content pop.

Send a test email to yourself to ensure your hero section looks perfect before sending your campaign out to your list.

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