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If you are looking for virtual assistant services, you have come to the right place!

We work with busy women entrepreneurs who need help getting more done in their work day. They are passionate about their business, and being able to provide for their families.  They are ready to invest in their business and believe in their ability to grow their business.

The problem is, as your business grows, so does your to-do-list and you can’t find enough hours in the day to get it all done.

As VA’s, we support YOU by taking care of the tasks

Ÿ that take up a lot of your time

Ÿ you put in the too hard basket

Ÿ you can’t do but need to do

We give you the extra time and support you need as a small business owner, so you can create a business that works for you.

Use our VA’s skills and experience to benefit your business and get more done.

Our Values

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About Louise, VA Director


I’ve been a business owner for over 12 years, having started my first online business while on maternity leave.

Growing up, I worked in the family business. I left high school to pursue my interest in business admin and computing.

I worked for several years as a receptionist, office assistant and functions manager until I became pregnant. By then I realised that working for someone didn’t suit me, so while on maternity leave, I started to explore the possibility of starting an online business.

I love being a business owner and I love being a Virtual Assistant. The variety of each day, the feeling of being in control of my own future and being able to show my girls that anything is possible is truly one wonderful thing.

The thing I love most is seeing my clients achieve their dreams and goals. I take great pride in knowing that my team has provided the back-end office support they needed.

I get what it is like to run a business and get so bogged down in the day to day stuff that you lose sight of the big picture, the “why” you’re doing this. I understand that it’s hard to do it on your own, that perhaps your partner is not as supportive as you had hoped. I know what it is like having a great idea but no idea how to implement it.

One of the secrets to success is you need a team of VA’s who understand your business and has what it takes to help you achieve big things!

Our Team

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