10 Ways A Virtual Assistant Helps You Achieve Your Goals

Life and work get busy, causing us to miss out on many business and personal opportunities. Luckily there is one thing you can do to help you achieve those goals and avoid missing out on things –  hire a Virtual Assistant. 10 Ways A VA Helps You Achieve Your Goals

There are numerous ways a virtual assistant can help you and I have outlined them here in my article titled What Is A Virtual Assistant?  Taking the plunge and hiring one for the first time can be scary, though, even though I am sure you will never look back and regret it. So I’ve listed 10 ways which as a Virtual Assistant I can help you achieve your goals.

  1. Keep in contact with your past, present and future clients

An email newsletter is a wonderful and non-intrusive way of gently reminding clients that you and your products or services are ready to make life easier for them. Unfortunately, a newsletter is often the last thing business owners want to do or even can’t find the time to organise one. I can organise and send out a regular newsletter on your behalf using your content.

  1. Help you with time management

Staying on top of work and personal life is a bit of a balancing act sometimes. Let me help you with some time management techniques and suggestions of resources to help organise things for you. By delegating tasks to me, I can also free up your time and allow you to focus on crucial work you need to do.

  1. Do your business research

Searching the internet for specific information is challenging, especially when you know you have other jobs to do. I can undertake that research for you and not only find exactly what you need, but also create any specific documents or spreadsheets you require with it too. I can save you time to let you concentrate on your other jobs.

  1. Handle your correspondence

Businesses deal with plenty of incoming and outgoing mail every day. Filtering out what is important, replying to customer inquiries and dealing with spam is really time-consuming. I can do all this for you.

  1. Book appointments for you

How often have you played phone tag or sent multiple emails to a client or supplier to schedule an appointment? I can organise your appointments for you and remind you when they are, so you do not miss them too.

  1. Complete your data entry

Data is really important, but entering it can be mind-numbing and boring when you have plenty of money generating jobs to do instead. I can do all this for you.

  1. Market your business

Finding it hard to remember to post on social media or find the content for it? I can use social media platforms to market your business for you.

  1. Post your blogs

No matter whether you outsource your blogs or write them yourself, finding the time to upload them to your website is difficult. I can do this, as well as other website work.

  1. Research what your competition is doing

Want to know what your competition is up to, but don’t have the time to find out? Let me keep on top of it for you, letting you know what they are doing so you can make informed decisions about what your own business will do.

  1. Organise your online filing systems

It’s vital that you can put your finger on a specific document right when you need it. I can help organise all your online documents in the cloud, allowing you access to them wherever and whenever you need them.

I’d love to help you achieve all of your business goals and give you the time to meet your personal ones too. Get in touch with me today and together we will grow.

Louise ★