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Save Money

Hiring a VA is more cost effective than employing a staff member. When outsourcing to a VA, you do not need to pay for sick or annual leave, payroll and other associated costs with staff and recruitment.

100% Productive Time

Because a VA focuses only on the tasks delegated, every hour spent working is 100% productive. This allows us to achieve more in a shorter amount of time and use your booked hours more efficiently than an employee.

Time Management

As your company grows, so do your responsibilities. While you can take on some of those duties, you can’t do it all. We give you the freedom to focus on your core business, improve your customer service and grow your business.


Outsourcing is a smart choice if your workload ebbs and flows with your niche market. Hiring a VA gives you the ability to adjust the hours required and tasks delegated to suit your business needs.

Team Work

Your VA becomes a valuable remote member of your team. A VA will work with you to help you reach and achieve your business goals. If your VA doesn’t have the skill you need, we will match that task to another VA who does.

Work/Life Balance

Outsourcing is a great way to help you achieve a better work/life balance. Delegate the tasks you don’t like doing or spend a lot of time doing and give yourself the freedom to focus on other things while ensuring the work is being done.
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Why Choose Us?

Outsource and delegate to virtual assistant you can trust. We help online business owners go from being overworked and stressed to working smarter and using their work time efficiently by offering flexible virtual assistant services.
Office Administration
We will take care of the day-to-day office admin tasks and scheduling so you have the time to focus on your core business and generating more income.
Xero Bookkeeping
Get paid faster and improve your business cashflow. We will generate your invoices, account statements and will chase outstanding debtors. We will code your bank transactions on a weekly basis so you never miss a payment.
Social Media
We create regular posts for Facebook and Instagram. Each post will be designed to drive traffic directly to your website to help generate new sales and improve the ROI of your social media marketing.
Content Writing
Put your content writing on autopilot so you can focus on improving your customer service. Each blog or newsletter will be drafted with SEO optimised content that attracts and engages your reader.
Graphic Design
Make your brand unforgettable with a fresh new look. We’ll help give your business an eye catching and scroll stopping visual presence that will resonate with your target audience.

Give yourself the freedom to focus on the important things in business by choosing to outsource and delegate to a Virtual Assistant from InDeed We Can!


Based in Auckland, New Zealand, the virtual assistant team at InDeed We Can provides a wide range of remote office administrative and digital marketing assistance to busy business owners who are looking at outsource and get more out of their work day.

As your company grows, so do your responsibilities, while you can take on some of those responsibilities yourself, you can’t do it all.

By working with us you can concentrate on the parts of your business that you love and your virtual assistant will focus on all the other parts.


Using a Virtual Assistant gives you the freedom to focus on your core business, gives you more time to go out and get more clients, which means more money in the bank. A virtual assistant is more productive than an employee.


Start achieving the profit margins you need to grow your business. Enquire about how hiring a virtual assistant can help you and your team today.

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Louise, Virtual Assistant Director - InDeed We Can

We understand the struggles of running your own business

VA Director, Louise Deed, knows what it is like to run a business while juggling the demands of parenthood. She started her first business when she was on maternity leave with her first born and has juggled being a business owner, wife and parent ever since.

Doing it all is hard work that requires a lot of late nights, juggling work commitments around family commitments and finding enough time to get it all done. Louise became a virtual assistant to help others get more done.


Philippa Farmer
It was a pleasure dealing with Louise and her team. Fantastic communication, excellent attention to detail and the work was carried out exactly as agreed. Linda was responsible for calling new clients and booking appointments for me –I had feedback from several clients saying she was lovely to deal with. Fantastic service, I look forward to working with In Deed We Can again in the future.
Philippa FarmerInsurance & Mortgage Adviser
Keela McBride
Louise has been a life saver helping me take my business to the next level. I have struggled for years to find the time to put into the admin and website part of my business which has meant it hasn’t grown as much as I wanted. I decided to get Louise to help out a few hours a week doing all the website stuff I just haven’t got the time to do. She is very efficient and quick and has a great grasp on my business and products.
Keela McBrideEnhanced Health NZ
Jackie Procter
Louise has saved my sanity by sending out my business newsletter each month. Unable to find the time or patience to sort it myself, I outsource it to her and she does a marvellous job. Louise provides handy reminders of when I need to get content to her and a draft of the newsletter to check well before it is due to be sent out. InDeed We Can is one of the most professional and reliable service providers I’ve ever used.
Jackie ProcterJackie Procter Copywriter

Our Values

InDeed We Can Limited Values
Not sure what tasks you can outsource to a VA?Download